Mutilated Veterans are a recently formed Spanish Death/Crust Metal duet which hail from Madrid and whose members have participate in a number of underground projects that large, that this review is unable to accommodate.

The only important piece of information provided by the short document which accompanied their maiden five-track 12’’ release “Necrocrust Warehead” was that the band’s Crust tunes are infused by Death Metal to such an extent that any comparisons to legends of the genre such as Discharge are pointless – a statement that was enough to arouse my curiosity and convince me to take on the task of preparing the review you are currently reading.

So, what is this 12’’ release all about then? Fans of D-beat bands such as Crude SS, Doom and Ratos De Porao will undoubtedly find many things to enjoy here as, just as the classic works of the aforementioned bands, this release observes and operates on strict musical formulae reliant on Punk-infused up-tempo riffs, and simple/repetitive high energy drum beats.

While the simplistic and repetitive nature of these tunes renders them fairly enjoyable, their relatively short duration which characterises the majority of them deprives the main ideas from fully developing, thus taking a lot away from their overall appeal.

There is indeed not much separating tracks such as “Blood Militia”, “A Tank Full Of Corpses” and “Triumph Of Torture”, something that cannot be said for the catchy/Punk-infused ditto “March Of The Mutilated/World Funeral” and the equally energetic “Carnage Warfare” which concludes this short but intense musical journey.

Growing up I was hardly what you would describe as massive fan of Punk-sounding bands, but after having been introduced to the works of the mighty Agnostic Front and the equally influential Discharge, any objections I might have had towards the said sound soon diminished.

Though not made of the same stock as the above-mentioned scene shapers, what the five compositions on offer here portray Mutilated Veterans as a decent sounding band in need of finding their own ‘voice’ by further developing their sound and improving on their compositional abilities.

Early signs show that this is a task that, with hard work, can achieve such a task but let’s wait and see what the future holds.

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