Radio ,you can listen to our radio during reading our articles (m2k is for music afterall).




Tested on Firefox Opera Chrome

may work on IE and Safari.



Tested on Linux , Microsoft Windows and Android

may work on Mac and Iphone


 You can listen to your favorite media player

Tested in VLC (Open vlc ctrl+n add : http://metal2k.org:8000/stream )

Report any error at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New you can listen the radio or browse our site from your mobile

with our app iwave1.

shot 000001


 Download the apk

  • Need android 2.2+
  • Size 1.6M
  • No special permissions
  • Need internet connection.


Known bugs after press play need 5-10 sec to connect to the server

The song dont update the title you have to click it to refresh ,autorefresh cause to much traffic to our sever,

test in mobiles tablets works but maybe is the offset out designed for mobiles in the future make another for tablets.




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