• Surrender of Divinity guitarist Samong Traisattha was 'knifed 30 times'
  • Found by his wife in pool of blood after she had put their child to bed
  • Image of 'murder scene' posted on Facebook by the suspect, say police
  • User writes: 'I want to drag down those who tarnish Satanism with me'


The lead singer of a Thai black metal band was stabbed to death by a Devil-worshipping fan because he had 'tarnished' Satanism.

Samong Traisattha, a guitarist with Surrender of Divinity, was found by his wife in a pool of blood at his home after apparently being knifed more than 30 times.

Jaruvan Surapol claimed her 36-year-old husband was murdered by a fan - named by her as Prakarn Harnphanbusakorn - after he went to their house for a drink.

Surrender of Divinity


He allegedly launched his frenzied attack on the singer, also known as Avaejee, as she put their child to bed on January 8.

Days after the killing, a picture purporting to show the murder scene was posted on Facebook by a user called Maleficent Meditation, who police believe to be Prakarn, according to the International Business Times.

In an apparent confession, the user wrote:I have intended to end my life since I was 25. Because I'll die eventually, I want to drag down those who tarnish Satanism with me. 'I have more respect for devoted Buddhists, Christians and Muslims than those who call themselves Satanists without knowing anything about it.'


Surrender Of Divinity issued a statement on their official website saying 'our blood-brother has passed away by a cruel murderer.'



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