Another forgotten jewel Cirith Ungol - Finger Of Scorn.
Cirith Ungol is a California heavy metal band formed in 1972.The group is known for lyrics based on fantasy (particularly sword and sorcery) and is an early epic doom and power metal band.Their first album, Frost and Fire, contained elements of 1970s hard rock and metal with songs written by bassist and guitarist Greg Lindstrom, but beginning with King of the Dead, they played a progressive rock influenced doom metal with lyrics primarily written by vocalist Tim Baker and drummer Robert Garven,although all band members typically contributed to song composition.

To see what lies beyond our sight
The secrets robed in blackest night
The things we dream but never see
Caged and blinded by the Beast

From age to age it stalked the earth
The apish scum of evil birth
Up from slime it has seen man crawl
It waits to see our final fall

The Finger of Scorn, it points to us all
The Finger of Scorn, it points to our fall

Black idols lie beneath the sea
They hold the secret to our destiny
The ancient tales are left to die
And leave mankind to wonder why

The Beast will rule the hearts of men
'Till mankind falls to ape again
And when our souls are stripped and torn
Still we face the Finger of Scorn

Written by G. Londstrom


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