Annihilator covers VAN HALEN's "Romeo Delight". This is taken from Annihilator's 2010 release (Self-titled) and was actually "Eddie VH-approved"! The man himself heard it and sent a message that he liked it!
"A huge honor for myself, as he is my favorite guitar player, with Glenn Tipton and Angus running a close 2nd.
There's not much I can say about this album aside from exrpessing the fact that I was blown the fuck away when it came out. I was a little saddened over their previous album "Metal" (Not a bad album, just not what I expected) but this just put all my fears to rest."

Artist: Annihilator
Track: 10 of 10
Album: Annihilator
Year: 2010
Location: Ottawa, Ontario/Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)

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